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Laser Welding

Modern laser technology now allows items which were previously classed as unrepairable to be easily welded. This is due to the intensely focused laser beam which reduces heat transfer to a minuscule area; even as small as 0.02mm.

This allows the object being welded to be held in the hands of the operator during the process. Worn down prongs on settings can be welded without damaging heat sensitive gemstones, this was previously impossible by traditional methods such soldering with jeweller’s torch.

A 15X microscopic magnification allows for precise targeting of the laser beam.
Almost any metallic object can be welded, (subject to size restrictions as the process is carried out within an enclosed protective chamber). Applications of the laser welder are wide ranging, from engineering tool repair, to domestic needs such as repairing, costume jewellery, pens and treasured bric-a-brac.

If you own something which your jeweller has told you is not repairable, bring it to us…we may be able to surprise you!


Image 1 – Proud owners of the first SL 20 desktop laser welding system in South Africa.


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